Helmut 4.0.7 is out now!

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06, Oct, 2021

You can update your Helmut version now!

This Helmut release massively improves all import and export processes – highlight features are:

  • The Integration of Jobs by Hiscale allows the inclusion of a Job based render farm for import and export operations.
  • Cosmo allows web import next to web upload which significantly speeds up the ingest of external material.
  • Watchfolder can now be triggered by cronjobs. Temporal activation/deactivation of cronjobs allows you to schedule the ingest at times when render capacities are free.
  • New asset and sequence report generation nodes were added. These make it possible to extract all information from an asset or a sequence via a stream to generate for example reports, cut lists or Gema lists.


For more detailed information follow our Helmut4 changelog.

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