Project management redefined!

Helmut4 is the solution for efficient management of editing projects in professional video production environments where Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Adobe® After Effects® and Adobe® Audition® are used. Helmut4 adapts to your individual workflow and serves as connecting element inside your infrastructure as well as integrator of third-party systems. Project management newly defined - agile, adaptable and user-friendly. More details are shared on the subpages of this website or by our Helmut team in person.

5 Main Advantages of Helmut4

What makes Helmut4 so unique?

Helmut's built-in workflow builder, known as the 'Streamdesigner', is what truly makes the difference. In contrast to many other software solutions, the source code of Helmut4 is not completely fixed, but can be adapted by you in the Streamdesigner. This allows you to expand Helmut's range of functions according to your own needs and ideas. You can connect conditions, actions and outputs to existing events in a node-based view until Helmut has created the exact workflow you need for your production environment.

Simple workflows

A standard workflow in Helmut's Streamdesigner can look as simple and straightforward as this. Automate recurring intermediate steps to free up more time for your creative tasks.

Advanced workflows

A workflow in Helmut's Streamdesigner can look as complex as this. Connect conditions, actions and output nodes until every process is perfectly mapped out.

Custommade workflows

Your infrastructure looks completely different from the standard? No problem! Helmut's Streamdesigner lets you customize your workflow until it fits to your unique infrastructure.

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