Great news for small and medium sized video productions



16, Jun, 2023

With the new license variant HelmutTEAM, we now enable small and medium-sized productions to benefit from the advantages of our Helmut4 software, which is already well-known among broadcasters.

Helmut4 is the solution for efficient management of editing projects in professional video production environments using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition. Helmut4 adapts to your individual workflow and acts as a connecting element, both within your infrastructure and as an integrator of any third-party systems.

Now, even smaller productions can benefit from the advantages…

  1. Helmut adapts – the logic of your workflow instead of prescribing the process.
  2. Helmut automates – all routine processes and thus accelerates your work.
  3. Helmut integrates – any kind of third party systems that provide an API.
  4. Helmut orchestrates – forming the connecting element in your post-production infrastructure.
  5. Helmut simplifies – by defining sequence templates, user and export profiles, thus avoiding application errors.

Here you can find all info for download (incl. prices):



Datasheet HelmutTEAM_final

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