Helmut 4.4.0 is out now!



05, Oct, 2022

You can update your Helmut version now!
These are the highlight features of our Helmut release 4.4.0:
  • Enhanced the Cosmo Sequence Report Action to include more technical information about the clips and sequences
  • The Elements Mount Workspaces can now mount multiple workspaces at once
  • Enhanced the Adobe Media Encoder invisible panel to report offline media files
  • Introduced a new method to auto-reconnect Helmut4 Windows and Mac clients to message bus logic in case there is a disruption.
  • Introduced a new method to restart Helmut4 linux client to the message bus logic in case there’s disruption.
  • Memory consumption has been highly optimized in FX, CO, HK, IO, Streams and Helmut4 clients
  • Introduced the option to cancel Stratus Transfer Asset Action Jobs
  • Multiple bugfixes and performance improvements
For more detailed information follow our Helmut4 changelog.

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