Helmut 4.7 is out now!


10, Oct, 2023

You can update your Helmut version now!


Highlights of release 4.7 :

  • Add reduced HelmutIO project for rendering process during After Effects export
  • Improve Vidicore nodes
  • Fix project index for large premiere projects
  • Fix occurrences of wrong character encoding at various locations
  • Add multisite support for EFS nodes
  • Further improve performance of Dashboard view and reduce MongoDB CPU utilization
  • Template path now accepts wildcards



Here are the details:

New Features

  • Added „PATCH“ method to HTTP node.
  • Improved the timeout settings and status verification of the Diva nodes.
  • Added a boolean field „Vidispine Wildcard“ in VidiCore Get Item ID By Relative File Path Action V3.
  • Added an optional string field „Storage ID“ in VidiCore Get Item ID By Relative File Path Action V3.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the DELETE /assets API call.
  • Fixed an issue where two indexing streams ran concurrently on the same client or container, leading to asset mix-ups.
  • Fixed an issue where the Client Project Index on Windows failed to delete prproj files in the temp folder.
  • Fixed an issue where the HTTP Request Action ignored the content-type in the response header.
  • Fixed an issue where markers with carriage returns wouldn’t sync.
  • Fixed multiple issues where umlauts triggered caused problems.
  • Fixed the AME node „Running and is timed out: true“ error during long sequence exports.



  • Added a new reduced HelmutIO project file for more efficient rendering in After Effects exports.
  • Updated EFS nodes to work seamlessly with the Editshare Multisite Service.
  • Reduced the size of metadata objects in job, project, and asset objects.
  • Updated the Premiere Path Settings Action node description  to align with the terminology used in the latest Premiere versions.
  • Optimized MongoDB’s CPU utilization.
  • Implemented „Skip metadata sync“ & „Skip markers sync“ switches in Cosmo Change Asset Action, Cosmo Add Proxy To Project Action, and Cosmo Change Project Asset Action to enhance synchronization performance.
  • Introduced an option to bypass SSL checks for HTTP Action.
  • Enhanced the FX frontend to pre-resolve the helmut templates path in preferences.

For more detailed information check out the new Helmut4 documentation. And please feel free to contact our Support Team in case of any questions!

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